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Welcome to Human Mind Power! Unleash the power of your mind and transform your life with the ‘Ideal Mind Control Program’.  Here, you can unlock your mind’s immense potential and transform your life. This groundbreaking book explores human psychology, guiding you towards mind purification and harnessing the power of a clear, focused mind in your daily life. By embracing Ideal Mind Control, you’ll receive incredible blessings — love, happiness, respect, and affluence — leading you towards the divine realization of your highest self…. unlocking your potential!

We strongly believe in the importance of community involvement. We foster collaboration between educational institutions and spiritual centers, actively promoting the study of psychology and the practice of mind purification. Together, we can create a harmonious environment that nurtures personal growth and spiritual development.

Get ready for an enlightening journey as you explore our comprehensive guide, filled with valuable insights into unlocking the vast potential of your mind. Through expert coaching, specialized programming, and transformative techniques, you’ll acquire the necessary tools to unleash your mind’s true power.

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About Me & The Mind

My career and journey

Dr. Bimal Pal, MBBS (1973), is an experienced practitioner based in the UK since 1976. He has dedicated numerous years to serving in various roles within the NHS, including Obstetrics, Gynaecology, ITU, Anaesthesia, and the GP Psychiatry team. With a profound interest in the “Human Mind,” Dr. Pal embarked on a journey of exploration and knowledge. Following his retirement from the NHS, he pursued “Mind Power Training” and has since devoted himself to studying and authoring books on the subject. Dr. Pal has also had the privilege of sharing his expertise on “Mind Power Training” through appearances on London Broadcasting Radio.

In today’s age of advanced technology, the human mind can be likened to a sophisticated software program, a combination of energies emanating from the brain and five peripheral sense organs, constituting the hardware. The mind can be classified into two distinct types. The first is the subjective mind, also known as the inner mind, originating from the brain itself. This aspect of the mind carries out crucial functions within the body through the five organs, performing a wide array of actions. The second type is the objective mind, or outer mind, which originates from the five peripheral sense organs. Our most active mental faculty, the fully conscious mind, represents a mere 10% of the total human mind and allows us to directly perceive the physical world surrounding us. The remaining 90% comprises the subconscious mind, which possesses a partial level of consciousness and holds profound divinity. While unable to function independently, the subconscious mind collaborates diligently with the conscious mind, utilizing time and delegation to achieve desired outcomes.

By enhancing our understanding of the mind and its intricate workings, we can unlock extraordinary potential and transform our lives in profound ways. Through Dr. Pal’s expertise and “Mind Power Training,” individuals can tap into the vast capabilities of their subconscious mind, paving the way for personal growth, fulfillment, and spiritual awakening.


“A tiny dew drop of dawn on top of a paddy plant”

World Poet, honourable Mr Rabindranath Tagore ( Noble prize winner ) composed the above mentioned famous poem, originally written in Bengali but has not been found translated successfully yet in the form of a poem in English. ( Original Bengali poem- “বহুদিন ধরে, বহু ক্রোশ দুরে, বহু ব্যয় করি, বহু দেশ ঘুরে, দেখিতে গিয়াছি পর্বতমালা, দেখিতে গিয়াছি সিন্ধু।দেখা হয় নাই চক্ষু মেলিয়া, ঘর হতে শুধু দুই পা ফেলিয়াএকটি ধানের শীষের উপরে একটি শিশির বিন্দু”).

Interlingual translation particularly of a poem is not often an appropriate act to convey the true emotion within it. It has, however, been translated ( though not in the form of a poem ) but it has never been found to an appreciable standard.

Here in his poem the World Poet Tagore wanted to mention the following theme through his creativity and there is also a life time message easily achievable from here indicating a great example of how it can motivate some one in an extraordinary way.

This Poem ( in English Translation ) –
I ( the poet ) travelled mile after mile in various countries, spending numerous invaluable days as well as fortune in search of beautiful mountain ranges and vast oceans etc. However I acknowledge my reluctance of not keeping my eyes open, but one day, all of a sudden, when I opened my eyes I noticed a tiny dew drop on top of a nearby paddy plant and I became absolutely spell bound by an amazing hidden beauty that emerged out so magnificently ( and it only occurred so near to my home than occurred elsewhere ) that it became a surprising event and was too difficult to disbelieve.” – Rabindranath Tagore, 7th Pous, 1336 ( of Bengali Callander), Bolepur, Shantiniketan, India.

I, as a writer, read the original poem, thought about it and also thought about other worldly objects created either by the outer nature or even by our inner nature human mind. I realised that, virtually all wonderful creations, be those created by outer nature or by human minds, were all finally acknowledged and accepted by human mind as ‘most wonderful’ and then only those became wonderful otherwise could have not been. Therefore, to designate any thing ‘most wonderful object’ in this world, it would undoubtedly be the ‘human mind’, can’t be any thing else.

Yes, I am talking only about ‘that mind’ which belongs to ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘me’ and to ‘every one’ among all human beings. My humble question now is, “How much do we all know about our own mind itself ? “. The most wonderful creation of entire Evolution so far is only our human mind, as it is justified to be. Therefore we should know more about our ‘Mind’ first and then only, Love, Regards, Affection, Happiness, Bliss, Affluence, Personality/Character, Relationships, Unity/ Integrity, danger free Life & last but not the least ‘God Realisation’ etc would not be difficult at all to achieve.

Should we know our Mind more clearly than what we have been knowing so far would have been more clear, lot more different and more fair to live life ideally. For procurement of such a Powerful and Skilful Mind balanced with Idealism should therefore be the Motto of all human beings.