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COVID-19 Outbreak and Compromised Mental Power

The Delta variant is currently the most virulent type. The latest variant, Omicron, has a high disease-spreading capacity (spreads at a geometric rate), but its virulence in terms of morbidity and mortality is limited. It can be treated with conventional methods, including conservative approaches and specific anti-coronavirus drug therapy.

COVID-19 Outbreak and Compromised Mental Power
COVID-19 Outbreak and Compromised Mental Power
Note: After the initial Alpha variant, subsequent variants of the COVID virus, particularly the Delta type, have proven to be more virulent in terms of morbidity and mortality. The most recent type, Omicron (since the end of 2021), spreads rapidly but causes fewer severe health effects.

As of March 15, 2022, the most common subtypes of the Omicron virus, namely B1 and B2, have been found in various countries, including the UK. Although B2 is more infectious, it fortunately does not show worse morbidity effects in affected patients.

No wise person can afford to ignore a significant event like the COVID-19 outbreak. For the successful execution of difficult and critical tasks, a well-organized and trained human mind with effective cognitive abilities is necessary. The power of the mind encompasses various inherent capacities, such as memorization, imagination, calculation, analysis, speculation, prediction, protection, effective planning, and implementation of ideas. These potentialities are crucial when dealing with important issues, critical events, subsequent event analysis, and crisis management, leading to the creation of a safe and ideal life. Mathematical knowledge is particularly significant in understanding the recent outbreak of the new disease, COVID-19, as a pandemic and comprehending viral genetic mutation theories, such as cross-species transmission, from animals to humans (as COVID-19 is not primarily a virus of the human species). The rapid exponential progression of the virus within communities, as opposed to a slower arithmetic progression, highlights the importance of mathematical knowledge in this context.

The true understanding of the term “significance” arises naturally and generously from the power of the mind. Once the significance of something is well understood and realized, the results can be excellent. It is essential to prioritize comprehensive management of COVID-19. This includes measures such as social isolation, maintaining certain minimum interpersonal distances through social distancing, and the liberal use of personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks and gloves. The significance and value of following these criteria, as well as the potential serious consequences of disregarding them (such as the rapid spread of COVID-19), can be easily realized by powerful human minds. This awareness should encourage people to be more cautious and meticulous in adhering to the relevant guidelines.

In addition to the mentioned essential criteria, other associated qualities of idealism such as wisdom, pure consciousness, and heightened perception (achievable through a pure mind) are vital. Without these spiritual characteristics, a powerful mind remains solely materialistic. To make a powerful mind truly comprehensive, it is necessary to integrate these spiritual qualities. A powerful mind lacking these divine attributes can become self-abusive, posing dangers and disasters at a personal level and within society. Such a situation could potentially jeopardize humanity as a whole.

COVID-19 and its subsequent variants, along with their consequences for the entire world, represent the most critical event that human civilization has ever faced. It is crucial to conduct multiple event analyses to understand the most likely cause of the unusual transmission of this particular coronavirus across species barriers, from animals to humans. Learning from the critical analysis of such a disaster is essential to protect against similar dangers and benefit humanity as a whole in the future.

While dealing with the ongoing global civilian disasters, it is important to adhere to recommended measures such as social distancing, social isolation, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and eagerly anticipate the introduction of COVID-19 preventive vaccinations, expected by the end of this year (2023). However, we must question whether these measures are sufficient.

Considering the devastating loss of valuable human resources and the ongoing progression of human loss, it is necessary to explore additional actions. The world has never experienced such genetic mutations in disease-causing pathogens (viruses) in recent years, with COVID-19 being the worst among them. This raises concerns about the possibility of future occurrences of equally dreadful or even more severe diseases.

Even a fully balanced mind that combines materialism and spiritualism can unknowingly become abusive. This may manifest as being overly critical of others, particularly in the compromised circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, a group of individuals (e.g., service providers) might behave abnormally towards another group (e.g., COVID-19 patients), and vice versa.

Furthermore, a highly focused mind of an exceptionally skilled individual (whether a service provider or a few recipients) can misuse their concentration and cause immense harm to others. Lastly, a powerful mind may develop a desire for praise and appreciation from others, leading to harmful gossip. Such behavior should not occur in any ideal case.

R-Number of COVID-19: This refers to the effective reproduction number, which is a key factor in assessing the intensity of the disease’s spread during a pandemic.

An R value of ‘1’ is a crucial threshold, indicating the disease’s spreading capacity. Ideally, the R value should be less than ‘1’ or, at most, ‘1’.

A value of ‘1’ means that an infected individual can transmit the disease to only one new person. When the value is less than 1, there is no chance of spreading the disease to another person. Therefore, it is recommended that the R value be less than 1.

Note: The above article is based on information received from January 2020 to July 2020. Since the initial pandemic and its management, ongoing studies and regular follow-ups on COVID-19, including its treatment, have been conducted.

The most tragic aspect is that this disease has evolved in its characteristics. More virulent variants resulting from genetic mutations have emerged, causing faster spread and more severe morbidity and mortality.

There is still uncertainty among patients and healthcare workers regarding the outcome of the mass immunization programs that started worldwide in January 2021. Doubts also remain about the effectiveness of these vaccines against newly discovered, more virulent strains of the virus.

Regular follow-up studies of COVID-19 are therefore being conducted worldwide.

Note: After the initial Alpha variant, subsequent variants of the COVID virus, mainly the Delta type, have proven to be more virulent in terms of morbidity and mortality. The most recent type, Omicron (since the end of 2021), has shown rapid spread but has steadily lost its morbidity and mortality, i.e., its power to cause suffering and death.

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