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Dr Bimal Pal


Dr. Bimal Pal: A Dedicated GP with Extensive Experience

Dr. Bimal Pal served as a single-handed GP (Principal) for nearly 25 years before embracing a well-deserved retirement. Recognizing the paramount importance of the mind among the body’s faculties, he developed a profound fascination with psychology, delving into the study of the human mind. This captivating subject prompted him to undergo essential “Mind Power Training” in London, where he eagerly engaged in activities like reading and writing books to empower individuals.

Expanding Horizons: Valuable Experience as a Presenter

Dr. Pal’s journey led him to become a presenter on a popular London radio program. Notably, he actively promoted mind power and the associated skills of idealism. Accumulating extensive experience from various hospitals and long-term medical practice, Dr. Bimal Pal now enjoys the fruits of his labor in retirement.

A Mission to Cultivate the Power of the Human Mind

Driven by an unwavering passion for human psychology, Dr. Pal remains committed to nurturing the enduring power of the human mind. Following his retirement, he wholeheartedly pursued “Mind Power Training.” Consequently, he dedicated himself to cultivating a powerful global human mind, both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, his experience as a presenter on a London radio channel sharpened his ability to conduct programs centered around skillful mind power, harmoniously balanced with idealism. Currently, Dr. Pal is immersed in studying and writing books related to this field of interest.

Dr. Pal’s Family: A Legacy of Achievement

Within Dr. Pal’s family, his wife, Mrs. Kasturi Pal, holds a BSc. Additionally, she has contributed significantly as a scientific lab officer and practice manager in a GP surgery. Miss Pramiti Pal, his eldest daughter, has completed post-graduation in law (LPC & Bar at Law). Remarkably, she acquired degrees in Molecular Genetics & Legal Science from London. Mrs. Pallavi Olivia Yaganti, his youngest daughter, has achieved distinction as a consultant in urosurgery. Notably, she possesses a BSc, MBBS & FRCS from London.

Biographical Highlights of Dr. Bimal Pal

Dr. Bimal Pal, born on August 18, 1949, in the Manbhum District of the old Bihar Province, currently resides in Post & District-Purulia, WB, India. His educational journey commenced at Amlapara Primary School, Purulia, WB, India. Subsequently, he pursued intermediate education at Manbhum Victoria Institution, Purulia, WB, India. He successfully completed his higher secondary education at Y.S.S.K. Vidyapith, post-Lakhanpur, Dist-Purulia, WB, India. Consequently, he passed his final exam in 1965. Continuing his academic pursuits, he completed pre-medical education in 1966 at R.G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata. Furthermore, he attained his MBBS degree in 1973 from Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata. Dr. Pal accomplished his post-graduation, D.G.O., in 1975 from Chittaranjan Seva Sadan Hospital, Kolkata. In 1975, he applied for a clinical attachment/assessment in the NHS, UK. Notably, he received approval to join in 1976. Consequently, he officially commenced his NHS journey in April of the same year. During his tenure, he worked in various departments, including AED, Anaesthesiology/ITU, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, across different hospitals in the UK. Significantly, Dr. Pal obtained his D.A from the Royal College of London’s Faculty of Anaesthesia and D Obst. RCPI from Dublin. Subsequently, he seized an opportunity in general practice and successfully completed the VTCRCGP scheme for a year.

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