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God Realization and Its Essence

God, also known by various names such as Allah, Ishwar, and others, represents the singular entity of “Cosmic Consciousness.” This consciousness is inherent in every living being as “Individual Consciousness” or personal consciousness.

Further analysis reveals the following characteristics of this distinguished consciousness: Honesty or Truth (referred to as ‘Sat’), Purity, Consciousness, and Knowledge (known as ‘Chit’), and Bliss (‘Ananda’). The primary objective of human life is to attain God Realization, which encompasses the experience of Sat Chit Ananda (Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss).

To elaborate on the concept of God, it initiates a discussion about Almighty-related philosophy. As mentioned earlier, God signifies a state of everlasting divine consciousness, knowledge, and bliss.

Before understanding God, it is essential to discuss “Brahman,” which is conventionally described as beyond the limitations of words and mind. There are two absolute truths regarding Brahman: “Purush” (potential energy, not currently in use) and “Nature Superior” (Prakritii), where energy is in constant use, leading to continuous manifestation. Everything we perceive, hear, speak, realize, and study in this vast creation originates from Brahman. Maya, which also arises from Brahman, refers to something that did not exist before but currently exists and will not exist in the future.

In the entire creation, encompassing the universe and all living and non-living beings, the Cosmic Consciousness (Almighty) is the most glorious and generous. The same Cosmic Consciousness also exists within each individual as the individual or personal soul.

Thus, God is all-encompassing, and everything evolves from Him. His presence is felt everywhere, in every minute fraction of the universe, be it a living or non-living object. The divine manifestation is evident in every aspect and in all possible ways. There is no reason to ignore the Almighty; instead, there should be a constant desire to express gratitude with a pure mind and divine consciousness, acknowledging His positive attributes while disregarding worldly associations. With steadfast mental state and detachment from worldly desires and obstacles, one becomes “Brahma-wise,” conquering all senses. Emancipation can be attained when the grace of Almighty arrives.

Until that grace is granted, it is worthwhile to accept it wholeheartedly as His kindness and generosity and stay dedicated to the noble act of public welfare.

God is both the viewer and the object of the view, and the exhibition of pure consciousness represents His charisma, encompassing the entirety of His philosophy.

Key points for God Realization (to become “Brahma-wise”) include:
1. Mastering Divine Mind Control: Studying the mind, purifying it continuously, and utilizing it appropriately in daily life.
2. Cultivating pure consciousness, gradually allowing spirituality to manifest.
3. Developing a “Brahma-wise personality” characterized by a steadfast mind and the power to conquer all senses.

Ultimately, one may attain self-denial despite being a conqueror of the world, if it aligns with the will of Almighty.

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