Human Mind Power - Knowledge Is Power


The main goal is to achieve an “Ideal Mind Control Program.” This program involves several important steps. First, we study how the human mind works. Then, we make the mind pure and keep it that way for a long time. Finally, we use the pure mind in our daily lives. By doing this, we can be more productive and enjoy the benefits of the Ideal Mind Control Program.

These benefits include important qualities like love, respect, happiness, and good relationships with others. It also helps us have a strong personality, stay safe, and even reach a divine state of “God Realization.”

If we succeed in implementing this program, the world will become a better place for everyone. We will have peace and prosperity forever.

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To ensure community-wide involvement, we must engage not just our homes but also the entire education system. This includes schools, colleges, universities, and community spiritual centers, working with education authorities like UNESCO. These institutions can teach students about human psychology and promote the purification of minds in the community.

While it’s likely that education authorities worldwide already offer such support through institutions, it’s important to consistently monitor the type of psychology study and mind purification that takes place regularly. This is crucial and should never be halted.

Starting from early childhood, students should know that their brains have built-in audio/visual recorders, similar to memory systems. These recorders help recall information during exams or interviews. This knowledge nurtures confidence from a young age, leading to lifelong success.