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Have you ever wished you could harness the power of your mind to achieve your dreams and goals? Do you want to unlock your full potential and live a life of happiness, love, and success? Look no further than this book on Mind Power and Control, which presents an “Ideal Mind Control Program” that will transform your life.

This program includes essential steps such as the study of human psychology, purification of the human mind, maintenance of purity, and utilization of a pure mind in daily life. By following this program, you can reap the blessings of Ideal Mind Control, including love, respect, happiness, and affluence, and achieve the most divine goal of “God Realization.”

But this is not just an individual journey – this book also highlights the importance of community involvement, with education institutions and spiritual centers promoting human psychology study, mind purification, and maintenance. By doing so, we can create a world where peace and prosperity reigns forever.

Through articles ranging from life coaching to neurolinguistic programming, from dhyana yoga to political power, this book offers a comprehensive guide to unlocking the potential of your mind. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in mind power training, this book provides valuable guidance and insights to help you achieve your goals.

So, are you ready to take the first step towards ideal mind control and a life of fulfillment? The journey starts now.


1. Messages from the writer to readers about this Book
2. Outbreak of COVID 19 & Significance of Mind Power here, A Special Article
3. Life Coaching
4. Ideal Mind Control
5. Study of Human Mind
6. Mind related Some Valid Information From Swami Vivekananda ( from his Complete Works )
7. Discussion about Principle Hardwares of Human Mind ( ABC of Brain and Nervous System of Human beings ), it is not a mandatory, at least not for trainees of basic level.
8. Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognition and Behaviour Therapy.
9. Origin and End of Human Mind
10. Purification of Mind and it’s Maintenance
11. Dhyana Yoga or Yoga (Peak of Entire Meditation Procedure )
12.Obstacles in Dhyana Yoga
13. Hazards /Dangers in Dhyana Yoga
14. Achievable Products, in general, through Ideal Mind Control Path
15. Valuable Products achievable through Ideal Mind control Path
16. Very valuable Products achievable through Ideal Mind Control Path
17. Invaluable Products achievable through Ideal Mind Control Path
18. Spiritualism, specially Raj Yoga induced “Kudalini Power’s Awakening”
19. Criteria towards creation of Ideal Human Mind & to look at the inherent significance
20. Critical Event Analysis
21. Dangers Forecasting and Dangers Prevention in life
22. Politics and ‘Mind Power’
23.Biography, Curriculum vitae, List of Distinguished Great Personalities and General Guidance of Achieving Benefits.
27. Acknowledgement
28. About the Author
29. Philosophy

Human Mind & Attainment of Skill, Power & Idealism

Visualize Your Dreams

The paramount importance here is to aim for an “Ideal Mind Control Program”. The program should include the following mandatory steps: studying human psychology, purifying the human mind, maintaining that purity for the long term, and subsequently using the pure human mind in day-to-day life. By doing so, the productivity resulting from the use of a pure mind would be regarded as a blessing of ideal mind control. In other words, humanity would be provided with essential human attributes such as love, respect, affection, happiness, bliss, affluence, personality, and character in their relationships with one another. Additionally, unity and integrity would be achieved, leading to a danger-free life, and the most divine achievement of “God realization” would be possible.

As a matter of fact, the entire world would become the most appropriate place for future humanity to flourish with peace and prosperity forever.