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The Power of Significance: Managing COVID-19 with Material and Spiritual Balance

The true ability to understand the term “significance” comes spontaneously and generously from the power of the mind. Once the significance of anything is understood well and subsequently realized, the effective result is excellent. It is important to give overall management of COVID-19 absolute importance. This management includes social isolation and social distancing (by maintaining certain minimum interpersonal distances), as well as the liberal use of PPE (personal protective equipment, e.g., face masks, gloves, etc.). The significance and value of these criteria, and the serious consequences of disregarding them, can be realized much more easily by powerful human minds. Without the associated valid human features of idealism such as wisdom, pure consciousness, extra power of perception (realizable through persistently pure human minds), and spiritual charisma, any powerful mind is nothing but materialistically powerful. To make a powerful mind more comprehensive, it is essential to add the above-mentioned spiritual charisma as well. A powerful mind without these divine extra features can be dangerous to the mind itself and can bring dangers and disasters at a personal level and in the surrounding people’s minds, thereby creating danger to humanity.

COVID-19 and its subsequent types, along with all their consequences on the entire world, are the worst critical events the human civilization has ever faced. Sensible people would be willing to know the most possible cause for the unusual migration of that particular coronavirus crossing the interspecies barrier (between animals and humans). Based on the critical event analysis report of such disasters, learning lessons must be accepted to guard against such danger and benefit the entire humanity in the future.

While going through such major worldwide civilian disasters and following the recommended regimen of social distancing, social isolation, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and waiting eagerly for COVID-19 preventing vaccination’s introduction soon (hopefully by the end of 2020), is that enough? After so much devastating loss of valuable human resources, with still such steady continuation of human loss progressively and persistently, is there not anything more to look and act for? The world has never experienced such genetic mutations in disease-creating germs (viruses) in recent years, worse being COVID-19. The question is, could there not be repetitions of the same phenomenon creating further such new horrible diseases or even diseases of further worse in nature?

Even a fully balanced mind powered with both materialism and spiritualism can unknowingly be abusive. This could be due to being overcritical to others (due to the occurrence of such inclination in a compromised circumstance of COVID-19 pandemic). Thereby an impulsive attitude (after being overcritical to others), a group of people (e.g., from service providers group) can behave abnormally to the other group of service recipients (patients of COVID-19) and vice versa. Also, often a highly concentrated mind of a super-standard class (could be either from service provider or even a few from service recipients) can abuse his or her highly concentrated mind and can bring immense harm to others. Last but not least, a powerful mind can develop a desire or craving to have praising and appreciation from others (as a hazard) through gossip (which should not occur in any ideal case).

The R number of COVID-19 is an effective reproduction number and is the key factor in gauging the intensity of the spread of this particular disease in its pandemic. An R value of ‘1’ is a crucial threshold factor that signifies the measurement of the capacity of COVID-19’s spread. An ‘R’ value should ideally be less than 1, indicating that a person with the disease is spreading it to less than one new person. When the R value is less than 1, the disease is not likely to spread to new people. That’s why an R value of less than 1 is recommended.

It’s important to note that the information in this article is based only on data from January to July 2020. Since then, there have been subsequent waves of the disease, and ongoing research and treatment of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the virus has mutated, resulting in more virulent strains that are spreading faster and causing more morbidity and mortality.

There is still uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the worldwide mass immunization campaign that began in January 2021. There are also concerns about whether the current vaccines will be effective against the more virulent strains of the virus that have emerged.

As a result, ongoing research and recommended studies of COVID-19 are being conducted worldwide.

It’s worth noting that after the initial Alpha variety, subsequent variants of the COVID virus (mainly the Delta variant) were found to be more virulent in terms of morbidity and mortality. The most recent variant, Omicron (discovered at the end of 2021), spreads more rapidly but is less severe in terms of causing suffering and death.

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